The Spirit of Prophecy
Second Edition

by Daniel Knezacek

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The Spirit of Prophecy is a "No holds barred... Take no prisoners!" detailed analysis of the biblical End Times prophesies. It is for those who want the truth at all costs!  The Spirit of Prophecy will open your eyes to just what exactly is going on in the world, and events just around the corner!

What you will find in The Spirit of Prophecy:

  • Jesus' statement that "wars and rumors of wars" would be a sign of the End Times, was a reference to specific, biblical prophesies.  Jesus was always referring back to the Old Testament Scriptures.  These wars will look a lot like the New Testament prophecies of Armageddon, but in fact they amount to a "decoy" Tribulation.
  • This "Decoy Tribulation” is not the Tribulation of the book of Revelation, but a reinterpretation of two major Old Testament, prophetic wars which will occur during the Church Age! Satan will attempt to make the world believe they are going through the Tribulation, in an effort to discredit the pre-Tribulation rapture, and to prepare the world to welcome the Antichrist... as Savior!
  • The Rapture of the Church will occur in the aftermath of the Gog and Magog war of Ezekiel 38-39, at a time when the world is looking for a Saviour.  This war will occur several years after Asaph's war, of Psalm 83. While we cannot set a date nor an hour, we can certainly see the signs of imminent rapture!  The bible does not leave us ignorant, but tells us the signs to look for!
  • The Rapture is not only for the Church, but is THE WAKE-UP CALL FOR ISRAEL!  As such it can actually be found in several places in the Old Testament!
  • The bible indicates that the ancestry of the Antichrist will be from the Arab tribe founded by Jacob's brother, Esau. You will see that this ancient nation is a part of Jordan today, and how its capital city, Amman, is the Antichrist's city of Revelation 18. You will also see the mountains of biblical evidence against this nation.

  • What is the fate of the city of Rome?  This city is the center of an elaborate counterfeit which Satan has been working on for millennia! Rome is not the city of either Revelation 17, or 18, but will be used to divert attention away from the real Babylon, and the real Antichrist!

  • An American city will be the target of an unprecedented (possibly nuclear) attack, during the Psalm 83, or the Gog and Magog war!  Which city?  Which war?  Why would this have biblical significance?
  • Most prophecy scholars interpret the phrase "Neither shall he regard... the desire of women", from Daniel 11:37, to mean that the Antichrist will be gay, or he will not care for the god that women worship.  This is incorrect.  They forgot to check out the rest of the Scriptures!  The Spirit of Prophecy will show you what the bible says about it!  You will be shocked!

These are just a few of the new discoveries found in The Spirit of Prophecy. These contentions, and many more, are backed up with over 700 biblical references, as well as many quotes from other authors, both modern and ancient. You will find that the purpose of this book is to lift up the Lord Jesus Christ, and His witness, the Holy Spirit.  It is also designed to warn the residents of planet earth of the signs of the end times, and of imminent rapture!

While initially some of these findings may appear controversial, I am confident that, in the end, you will find them to be accurate, biblical, and a blessing!

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